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I. Key Product Benefits

  • It’s made by  sulphur phosphorous zinc salt of dioctyl antioxidant anticorrosion agent,anti-rust agent,ash-free antioxidan,metal attenuated agent and Hualun its own research and development of benzene triazole fatty amine salt multifunctional additives.
  • Strong protection against wear.rust and oxidation.
  • Fast air release.
  • Good demulsibility and anti-foam property.
  • Broad viscosity grade coverage.
  • Fully compatible with Group I II III base stocks.

II. Application

  • Antiwear hydraulic oil additive package.
  • Hydraulic systems used in industrial and marine applications as well as in automotive machinery.

III. Recommended Treat Rate

Viscosity Grade Treat Rate,%m/m
15,22,32, 0.65
46,68,100,150 0.65

IV. Typical Characteristics

V. Storage,Package and Transportation

  • Inhibit impurity pollution and water.
  • Filter before injecting into the device to prevent oil passages clogging.
  • Do not mix with other oil.Clean the fuel tank and rail thoroughly before changing oil.
  • The temperature should not exceed 75℃In the long term storage, the temperature should not exceed 45 ℃.
  • Packaged by galvanized drums(N.W200kg/Drum).

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