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I. Key Product Benefits

  • Thiadiazole derivatives with strong capability of capturing active sulphur.
  • Excellent protection against wear and rust.
  • Obviously increases the Timken OK value .
  • Compounded with sulphureous,phosphorus extreme pressure agents.

II. Application

  Blended mainly in the formulation of the lubricant below:

  • Industrial gear oil.
  • Automotive gear oil.
  • Hydraulic oil.
  • Bearing oil.

III. Recommended Treat Rate

0.15%wt.-0.60%wt with application.

IV. Typical Characteristics

V. Storage,Package and Transportation

  • Packaging, labeling, transportation, storage, delivery and acceptance as per SH/T0164.
  • Nonflammable.nonexplosive and noncorrosive.
  • Guard against mechanical impurity and rain.
  • The highest temperature should not exceed 75℃; In the long-term storage,the temperature should not exceed 45℃.
  • Packaged by galvanized drums(N.W.20/200kg/Drum).

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