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I. Key Product Benefits

  • T5511 metal processing oil compound is a developed for demanding high strength metal processing oil compound additive.
  • Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance.
  • Good antiwear property and excellent extreme pressure performance.
  • Rust corrosion resistance performance.
  • Good oil solubility and compatibility with other additives.
  • It’s can meet the requirements of GB 7631.5 standard.

II. Application

  Base oil adaptability : API I,  API II and synthetic ester or mixture of vegetable oil or animal fat .copper alloy metal processing oil, metal forming process etc.

  The mixing temperature shouldn’t exceed 65℃.

III. Recommended Treat Rate

  • Deployment of ordinary carbon steel, copper alloy metal processing oil, alloy steel, extreme pressure honing oil etc.:4.0%wt-8.0%wt with application.
  • To allocate high strength alloy steel deep hole drilling, tapping, cutting processing of oil: 10.0%-25.0% with application.
  • Metal forming process, such as stamping, drawing etc :4.0%-8.0% with application .

IV. Typical Characteristics

V. Storage,Package and Transportation

  • Stored in ventilated, dry warehouse, not mixed with rain and impurities.
  • Nonflammable, nonexplosive and noncorrosive.
  • The temperature should not exceed 100 ℃.
  • It’s not easy to flow in winter , we can use hot water heating ,don’t direct heat .
  • Packaged by galvanized drums(N.W.200kg/Drum).

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