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 Dear colleagues:

  Over the year, with tremendous support from all levels of societies and communities,Hualun has grown into a modern corporation over the past 20 years. We operate through our own factory, research & development lab,sales and tech team. Our products are industry & society recognized,these all contribute to the trust and support by industry peers and clients,and more importantly strived through each & every hardworking Hualun employees.

  Since establishment in 1999,we believed in manufacturing all types of high efficient & quality lubricant additive. As representative of the industry, our company especially focuses on new product research and development. We improve by constantly introducing higher performance products of P120 Extreme pressure anti-wear additive that not simply meet the demand of domestic clients but supersede international standard among same product types.

      In such a competitive environment we are operating today, it is critical to develop products that has distinguish features, excellence performance and appealing price. Our target is to become the top manufacturer and supplier of Lubricant additive . Huanlun is looking to promote our products at global platform in the near future, and is committed to make Chinese proud of “Made in China”.