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I. Key Product Benefits

  • Zinc butyl-octyl primary alkyl dithiophosphate(ZDDP) .
  • Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance.
  • Good antiwear property and High EP level.
  • Prevent oil viscosity increasing in high temperature.
  • Good oil solubility and compatibility with other additives.

II. Application

Blended in the formulation of a variety of lubricant,widely adopted in various industrial lubricating oil such as gear oil and hydraulic oil .combined with detergents and dispersants ,the produce can be used to produce engine oil .

III. Recommended Treat Rate

0.5%wt.-3.0 %wt. with application.

IV. Typical Characteristics

V. Storage,Package and Transportation

  • Packaging, labeling, transportation, storage and deliveryas per SH0164.
  • Nonflammable,nonexplosive and noncorrosive.
  • In the long term storage, the temperature should not exceed 50 ℃.
  • If the skin is contacted with <HAOTM202,the contact site should be thoroughly washed with detergent, soap and water.
  • Packaged by galvanized drums(N.W.200kg/Drum).

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